SS Palmer PTO




Welcome to S.S. Palmer/Parkside P.T.O.

    The purpose of the organization is to support and enhance S.S. Palmer Elementary School and
   Parkside Education Center by:
     ~ Promoting open communication between the administrators, teachers and parents.
     ~ Encouraging student, parent and administrator/teacher participation at school functions.
     ~ Providing an atmosphere for parental support (e.g. sharing ideas, experiences, problems & solutions).
     ~ Organizing and/or contributing funds and services to special projects and extra- curricular activities.





Background Check Clearance Information

School District Policy on School Volunteers ~ Palmerton School District adopted a new Policy for volunteers. Anyone who wishes to chaperone field trips or will have repeated contact with the students (8-10 hrs/week), and is reasonably expected to work with students without the direct supervision of a district employee, is required to have a PA Criminal Background check and a PA Child Abuse Clearance. Click on the above link for the policy in it's entirety.

Act 34  – State Police Criminal Record Check Online - or Print Form SP4-164
$8 fee is waived for unpaid volunteers, 1x per year.  Visit the Dept. of Education or PA State Police for more information.

Act 151Child Abuse Clearance:  Free for volunteers every 57 months or a fee of $8.    Can be done online. Visit PA State site- Keep Kids Safe for more info and to apply. You need to create a Keystone ID to complete online. Or Download and print a mail-in form. 

Act 114 –*Updated 11/28/17 -  Fingerprint Background Check -Required if you are not a lifetime resident of Pennsylvania (if you changed residency with the government/taxes etc.-does not apply if you simply went to college out of state but remained a PA resident)  The State has changed the company that does the Fingerprint process- you can no longer go to UPS Stores. The closest location currently open is
IdentoGO/MorphoTrust, 1382 Hanover Ave Allentown,
Hours: Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM & 12:30 PM - 04:30 PM
The Enrollment Center is located within the Allentown Commons Plaza off of Hanover Street.
You need to register and make an appointment at
1KG6Y3 - Pennsylvania PDE-Volunteer

Volunteer Disclosure ~ In accordance with Policy 916, all volunteers must have a signed disclosure on file in the building where services are provided. If you are going into both Parkside and S.S. Palmer you must have one for each building.

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